Finger Picking Guitar

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My 1st guitar eMusic eBook is a simple but valuable book

The Guitar Chord eBook

A fun easy way to understand not only how chords work but good basic Practical Theory that can translate to other instruments, it also has a section on Scales

This eMusic eBook is a very good starting point for anyone just starting out in guitar / music or who wants to take there practical knowledge a little further  to enable an understanding of what makes a chord and more..

My 2nd guitar eMusic eBook is

Fingerpicking Guitar -  for beginners to intermediate

Book 1 - Training and Exercises

Have you always wanted to know how to fingerpick guitar? Lessons too expensive?

Now you can begin to master the fingers with this amazing eBook - Play along with the TAB files in Slow mode or Fast mode, see and hear how it works

This step_by_step eBook 1 can help you to accomplish your goal

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